The YCC protects and promotes the business interests of the private sector by providing information and representing them to the state government or national government.


The Chamber of Commerce has tiered membership categories to reflect private sectors diversity. The three classes of membership are as follows:

  • An individual membership, which may be held by any person who is not employed or proprietor of a business establishment.
  • A club or organization membership which may be held by any service, civic, or fraternal group of persons interested in furthering the objectives of the Corporation.
  • A commercial membership, which may be held by any person who is self-employed or by any firm or corporation, engaged in the business within the State.

Membership dues:

The amount of dues to be paid by each member is fixed. The register of members including the amount of dues paid by each is open to inspection by any member in good standing.

Minimum dues per membership class are:

  • Individual membership $40.00 per year
  • Clubs and organizations $80.00 per year
  • Commercial membership $80.00 per year.
    Individual cases may be referred to the Corporation.

No dues are refundable.

Other Funding Sources

Since the Chamber of Commerce is a non-government organization, it will depend greatly on the membership dues, services, grants, and other private funding sources for its operations. Below are some of the extraservices that we do for a fee. For more information please contact us.

  • Hosting Services – The Chamber can make arrangements in accommodation, transportation, and catering for you or a group for any event, meeting conferences, etc. We can provide itinerary, programs, and agenda as long the information is provided in time.
  • Information Services – The Chamber can also provide public information as requested in regards to individual or organizations that may affect their business.
  • Private Donor Organizations – Organizations such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB), FSM Development Bank, and other private donor institutions may be contacted for funding assistance.


View the Bylaws PDF file here (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view PDF file)