About Us

Strategic plan

The YCC's Strategic Plan is designed to bring us closer to realizing our vision, while providing a scale for measuring its achievements in the past.

  • MissionThe Mission of the Yap Chamber of Commerce is to represent and promote the business interests of the members of the private sector of the State of Yap.
  • VisionThe Vision of the Yap Chamber of Commerce is that of a vibrant community whose people enjoy improved levels of quality livelihood from sustained private sector-led economy that is achieved and sustained through close dialogue between the members of the private sector with their government and other concerned stakeholders.
  • FocusThe ultimate goal of Yap Chamber of Commerce is to be committed and responsive to the promotion of the business interest of the local business community. It will work as a partnership with the state government in crafting economic and business development policy and strategy for Yap State to bring about desired economic growth that will provide employment, tax base and other development benefits for a rapidly growing population.


In April of 2005, a group of like-minded business individuals who believed that a strong private sector in Yap is essential to the economic well-being of the state. The group organized and incorporated under the name of Yap Business Association Inc. (YBA). Its aim was to spearhead the birth of the Yap Chamber of Commerce. The group agreed that a Yap Chamber of Commerce is necessary to bridge the gap between the government and the private sector and among the private sector members themselves. Yap Chamber of Commerce is a proud member of the FSMACC organization  (FSM Association of Chambers of Commerce).

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are scheduled on the last Thursday of every month. Quarterly meeting during the first of month of each quarter of the fiscal year. Annual meetings shall be held during the month of October of the fiscal year.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors know local business because they are our local business people. Allow us to introduce you to them;





George R. Torwan -President






Mark Hartman - Vice President






Katherine K. Gisog - Treasurer






Jessica Acker - Secretary






Sarah N. Fillmed - Board Member






Andy Choor - Board Member




Steven Datmagurun- Board Member