The Yap Chamber of Commerce welcomes you. Please feel free to read our latest news and check out our upcoming events. We welcome your participation and input for the Yap Chamber of Commerce and hope that your visit with us has been informative.

The Yap Chamber of Commerce protects and promotes the business interests of all the private sector by providing business bulletins and information, and taking their business concerns to the state government or national government for proper disposition.

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We are very open to any suggestions that you have in order to help improve this Chamber.  We welcome your suggestions and comments to create a business friendly environment.

We do and are still encouraging you to be part of Yap Chamber of Commerce.  Please email us at kim@ycc.fm for any information or questions and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Kamagar and good day!

Marie Laamar





Marie A. Laamar
Executive Director

Marie A. Laamar lives with her husband Kenjuro on the west part of the island, Dalipebinaw.  When she's not busy organising meetings, hosting committees and working with the Members, she enjoys reading and baking.  Marie is open to new ideas and very passionate with developing her pride and joy, Yap Island.





Kimberly R. Guretmag
Administrative Officer

Kimberly R. Guretmag started working for Yap Chamber of Commerce in March 2016. Kimberly is the friendly voice on the phone, she does all the admin tasks and helps the other staff as needed. She enjoys reading and outdoor activities.






Leanne Lance
Business Innovation Adviser

Leanne joined the Chamber of Commerce in January as an Australian Volunteers International. For the next 12 months Leanne will be working with local businesses to assist in developing business opportunities and capacity building. She enjoys meeting new people and trying the local foods.

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Small Business Development Building
Second Floor Rm# 203
P.O Box 309
Colonia Yap, 96943

Telephone: 691 350 8990/2099
E-mail: info@ycc.fm